Our mission is to help recruiters to identify and connect with new talent in the market.

Every company deserves the best employees. 

We are committed to help our clients to attract new talent at scale and to solve any employment issue, as we truly believe people are the most valuable asset of any company. 

Our state-of-the art recruitment technology targets both active jobseekers and  passive jobseekers. Drive Recruitment is able to identify the right candidate profile early in their journey and then engage them with your employer brand, to build a relationship and to help you connect with them before they become an active jobseeker.

About us

People First

We value relationships and cherish the individuals that we serve.


What Drives Us

Data- Driven DNA

Coming from a data-driven technology background we breath data and we love to bring our knowledge to the recruitment industry


Performance is key

That's why we developed a performance- based AI technology to find the right people for the job.


Love for art

We are driven by state-of- art high converting creatives, suitable for each channel and capable to capture the candidates attention in milliseconds.


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Drive Recruitment 

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